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The New 4′x8′ Motorized Ceiling Platform

The Power RAX brand Motorized Ceiling Storage System is the ultimate no ladder required ceiling storage device. The first of it’s kind Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit allows home owners to safely lower the Storage Platform off the ceiling with the push of a button.Power RAX’s Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit comes complete with the 110V standard plug in motor, mounting systems, cables, pulleys and steel storage deck to allow the do it yourself home owner to install a system that typically would be out of reach of the average home owner.

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Weight Capacity

The new 4′x8′ Motorized Rack System is your easy to use 500lb Capacity system. Easily store your household items today.

Adjustable Storage

The new 4′x8′ Motorized Rack System is adjustable based upon storage items and clearance (12″ to 50″).

11 Guage Steel

This system is designed with 11 guage 4′ Rail System. It also has steel 5mm wire storage grid with 2″ safety lip.

1.5 HP Electric Motor

Power RAX’s Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit comes complete with the 110V standard plug in motor.

Motorized Video

The Power Rax Motorized Ceiling Storage System video shows the benefits of having a completely motorized garage storage rack.
This 4′x8′ overhead garage rack lowers to the floor to allow safe and easy loading of items. The powerful motor then raises the rack to the ceiling for easy storage.

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Wireless Operation

The Power RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage System now has more features than ever! Currently we are offering the Radio Wireless System. Be on the look out for our Premium Wireless Bluetooth/WiFi Platform. Our new free app will be available for iPhone and Android. It connects via Bluetooth or Wireless from your phone to the Motorized PowerRax system.

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Safely Designed

System safety features include a durable motorized clutch system, four 1700 Pound aircraft grade coated cables, adjustable shut off system to stop the motor prior to reaching the ceiling and a wireless power disable system to shut the power down while not in use.


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